Do you want a Power JAN station at your place?

Power JAN is a new and revolutionary powerbank sharing service in Moldova.

What you will gain by installing Power station JAN?

Keeping up with technology

Keeping up with technology is an important attribute for the average generation. These generations considered the most numerous will be associated with your place.

Free photo session

Get a free photosession after signing the collaboration agreement.

More time staying in the location

Obviously, people spend a lot of time on the phone when they go to a restaurant or cafe. Powerjan powerbanks will help customers not to think about low battery levels.

Customer loyalty

Power JAN power banks can be an important decision factor when choosing a cafe or restaurant as customers do not care about the downloaded phone.

New customers

A lot of new customers will go to a place because there will be the nearest station powerjan.

Higher consumption

A relaxed customer with the battery full on the phone will be more likely to make an order or wait longer until something is cooked in the kitchen.

Power JAN Stations

Charging station, 8 slots


Charging station, 48 slots

Power JAN power banks

Easy to carry in your pocket. Size and weight like a smartphone.

The quality of the power banks and cables is confirmed by the certificates of conformity.

Micro USB




LG research

The ability to charge the phone is one of the conditions of guest loyalty. LG has done some research on the need to have a charged phone battery.

0 out of 10
users of smartphones suffers from low battery fear
0 %
will go and charge the gadget in a bar or restaurant and place an order
0 %
Charge smartphone 1-3 times per day
0 %
won't go to fitness if the smartphone is unloaded

Servicii de publicitate

Oferim servicii de publicitate pe ecranele LED a stațiilor de încărcare și pe powerbank-uri.

Ecrane LED stație mică

Reclamă format video sau poze pe ecranul stației (7 inch).

Amplasament: hotele, restauramte, cafenele, săli de fitness

Trafic: <100 de persoane

Ecrane LED stație mare

Reclamă format video sau poze pe ecranul LED al stației (43 inch).

Amplasament: centre comerciale, parcuri

Trafic: >1000 de persoane

Stickere pe power bank-uri

Reclamă format stickere(6x9cm) pe powerbank-uri

*Prețurile se negociază individual

Frequent questions

We install Power JAN stations completely free of charge.

We conclude a collaboration contract with the commissioning of the station. The contract is free of charge.

The space required is very small and there is no need to be involved in the lease.

We install quickly. Just write us!